The Theatre of Measurement

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A Symposium and Workshop on Data, Instruments and Art

Featuring Citizen Sense (Jennifer Gabrys and Helen Pritchard), Re-dock (Ross Dalziel, Neil Winterburn and Hwa Young) and Open Space Observatory (Kei Kreutler)  this symposium and workshop explores critical and creative approaches to instrument making; data gathering, analyzing, representation and dissemination and art practice.

A morning symposium will feature presentations from invited speakers and those who have responded to a ‘Call for Instruments and Data’ deadline 8th September. Speakers will present their practices, focusing on the development of instruments and kits, fieldwork, data analysis and visualization.  They will explore issues including environmental sensing technology, citizen science, open-source technology, observational methodologies, the interoperability of data, and broader social and philosophical contexts.  This will be followed by an afternoon workshop for participants to explore themes and practices discussed in the morning session.

The event is suitable for a wide variety of people and interests, and no prior knowledge is required.  Whether you are an artist, researcher, technologist or have a general interest in data, sensing or measurement and want to know more about these fields and learn new skills – all are welcome!

The event will take place at The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ on Friday 29th September 10.00 am – 5.00 pm.  The deadline for responding to the call is Friday 8th September.

The event is free to attend.  To book please follow this link.