Consultation for a new DTP Sustainability Toolkit to start in March

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The climate emergency is the most important issue facing us today. Without fast, thorough, and structural change we will not be able to avert catastrophe. This crisis affects all of us. For those working in the Arts & Humanities, how might we respond? What kind of contribution can we make and how might this work? It is easy to think that our work is not important or significant in the light of the climate crisis. However there are ways that we can think creatively about how to contribute to the ongoing effort.  

As a DTP we are committed to working in a sustainable way. We really want to think carefully and deeply about what this means. In discussion with students, staff, and other members of the DTP we have drafted a Sustainability Toolkit. This is a practical guide to putting on events and running programmes with sustainability in mind. It also provides a set of ideas for how we might develop our practice over the next years.  

In early March we will be running an online workshop. This is an opportunity to be involved in our ongoing conversation about sustainability, responsible research, and future practice. We will be thinking about the following questions:  

  • What would a sustainable DTP look like?  
  • How can the DTP community drive, support, and achieve change towards this goal?  
  • How can we develop responsible research practice? 
  • What are the key ethical considerations for future research?  

The event will discuss and augment a new NWCDTP’s Sustainability Toolkit. Responding to a draft of this toolkit and developing its ideas will be the focus of the session. You will be sent a link to the draft document when you register, together with a Zoom link to join the session.

All welcome: 

Jerome De Groot, NWCDTP Director


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.