Coronavirus guidance from the UKRI

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UKRI has published its Covid-19 guidance on studentships for NWCDTP-funded students, their supervisors and NWCDTP academic and admin institutional leads.

Dear Colleagues

Following the newly published Covid-19 guidance from UKRI, we are now able to offer some further reassurances to our NWCDTP-funded students, their supervisors and all the NWCDTP academic and admin institutional leads. Please note that the situation is fast evolving and we will be updating this page as soon as we have more information and by email directly to all our students.



We are still waiting for further advice on this and currently discussing the situation with the 7 institutions. More information on this will be posted here as soon as possible.


Sick leave

  • Sick leave is available if you are unwell. Those who have already used the maximum 13 weeks sick pay extension for other reasons are still eligible for further support due to the Coronavirus.
  • UKRI will accept any revised Government guidance regarding medical certification.  No sick note is currently required for the first 7 days, and we would follow the advice to be flexible about the evidence we would require for longer periods.


  • If you have incurred costs in relation to cancelled events supported by the NWCDTP, these will be reimbursed (this applies to all students, not just funded students).
  • If there are additional costs arising from home working (such as essential book purchases or subscriptions), you should apply in the normal way via the fieldwork/conference pot. We will be sympathetic to reasonable claims, but please do wait for confirmation your claim is approved before spending the funds. We will provide more guidance on this as the situation unfolds.
  • Expenses will still be processed even though the University of Manchester is closed. Please ensure when completing claim forms to scan original receipts and attach them to your email, and keep them safe to be able to provide them physically in the future if necessary.

Please be reassured that the NWCDTP team and our 7 member institutions are working together to continue to support our students through this difficult time.

We would advise all students to keep in touch with their supervisors and to discuss with them in the first instance any obstacles to research, and to follow any guidance provided by their own institutions.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us via

Take care and look after yourselves,